“Seeing Red”- Can Uniform Colour Impact on Team Success?

Is your business doing a re-brand and you’re interested in changing something up? Does your social media engagement need to be increased and you’re at a loss at how? When was the last time you reviewed your club’s colours?

For as long as sport has been around, the act of donning your colours has been the sure-fire way to show your support for your team. You can barely walk around major cities without seeing someone wearing the colours of their favourite sports teams. It doesn’t matter if it’s Australia-Specific with the AFL or if it’s internationally supporting your country’s soccer team. Generally speaking, the colours of those teams are symbols.

The concept of colours being connected to how people think is an idea that has been around for a long time. Red has always been looked at as a powerful, passionate colour whereas blue is viewed as a cool, calming colour. But the more important question is whether or not your club or business’s colours are affecting its successfulness.



Open University’s article on whether colours can affect the success of teams believes there’s enough evidence to suggest that there’s a chance. In a couple of studies done, it’s been shown that English soccer teams with red on their uniform have been more successful than teams without. Earlier studies of the colour black have shown that umpires tended to subconsciously or consciously give more penalties to hockey teams with the colour black. Black is constantly associated with death across many cultures, which could explain why it’s commonly associated something menacing.

In the article, red is considered a physical, masculine colour that raises pulses, although it can be linked to aggression. Is red one of your colours? Blue is supposedly the colour of the mind and can be thought to represent logic and efficiency. Is this the message you want your audience to see?




It goes without saying that brighter colours attract more attention, especially in this day and age where people might scroll past your social media posts without a second glance if they’re not immediately taken with what they’re seeing. But the concept of colours themselves being able to change people’s moods and emotions is definitely something to consider when looking at your own colours.



Generally speaking, the colour of your uniform or business may be impacting how you perform, whether you’re on a team or an individual athlete.  But whatever your sporting or business colours, Cheeta Teamwear have you sorted!


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