Supacolour. Supapower!

Endless hours of weeding (and not that kind of weeding!), blistered fingers and sore eyes. The term ‘weeding’ in the apparel world refers to the process of removing the negative space from your artwork by peeling the transfer that is not required (like the inside of letters). As a former employee of a company that specialised in traditional digital transfers, weeding took up most of my day. Fast forward to a year later,  and digital transfers are on a whole new level.. a supapower level!

Introducing Supacolour, the modernised way of branding logos onto team apparel and merchandise.  No weeding!  And No unattractive chunks of ‘blocks’ behind detailed logos, resulting in a more professional look!

If you have a detailed logo with multiple colours, and unsure whether to try Supacolour consider these following points:

Colour Vibrancy- When you compare this to a traditional digital transfer, you can clearly see the difference in colour. Photo reproduction is also achievable.

Visually More Appealing- With the no need for ‘blocks’ around detailed logos, your logo will look exactly the way it’ s meant to look.

Time- Skipping the weeding process allows for quicker turn- around time and less chance of fiddling around with logos, resulting in less mistakes.

Price- The most cost effective option especially when your logo contains multiple colours/detailing.

It Feels good- Supacolour feels more like a smooth sublimation print rather than a traditional transfer, and you don’t get the creases in the logo when you fold up the garment, as you do with traditional transfers.

Wide Application- Can be applied to a variety of products including personalised sportswear, made to order hoodies and custom polo shirts.

Once you send us your logo, Cheeta Teamwear will be able to decide on whether SupaColour is the way to go for your branded apparel and merchandise. 


Photo Reference: Flockmaster ­