Cheeta Teamwear - More than just a uniform

The custom sports and corporate wear market is going through a growth period as smaller clubs and businesses look to replicate those in professional leagues and the big corporates.

Through improved production techniques and an opening of the supply chain to overseas factories items reserved regularly for only the largest businesses and most prestigious clubs are coming far more accessible. Further, these smaller groups are taking note of the focus their larger counterparts are putting on branding and increasing their spend in this area.

Cheeta is feeding this market by not only providing competitively priced quality garments but by taking a customer first attitude and focusing on practical small wins that are often overlooked. There is a focus on helping to provide modern garments whilst keeping things simple and not overlooking the reasons why the garments are produced.

Cheeta help clubs and businesses of all sizes. They draw on experience on local level committees and in big and small business to provide easy to implement solutions.

This doesn’t just mean providing garments – some practical examples where Cheeta goes above and beyond with their customer service and willingness to help are:

  • - Guiding the client through the design process - Local clubs/businesses are often understaffed and rely on underqualified (or overworked) volunteers to come up with designs. Cheeta instead welcomes design briefs from clients, offering up their own designers to assist their clients (includes garment design, logo re-drawing and artwork setup for production)
  • - Providing suggestions on how to order the right amount of stock, and more importantly in the right sizes
  • - Sharing insights on how to use merchandise to raise funds in local clubs

Unlike the large brands (think what the AFL and NRL teams wear) Cheeta does not have a big advertising budget or major sponsorships. Instead they rely on customer service and helpful marketing to gain the trust of their clientele. The owners are the leaders of this and provide ongoing support to their customers through their ebook, blogs and social media as well as through the traditional sales channels. They live and breathe their motto ‘more than just a uniform’ and strive to provide not only high quality garments but truly add value to your club or business.