Think ahead!

Do you ever look around your club and notice a mismatch of old and new garments, colours that don’t match, no consistent look and feel, old sponsors or logos? Is it making your club look daggy or unprofessional? Or even worse is old apparel a breach of your agreement with sponsors?

Whether you want a look the crosses from on field to off-field garments, or you are looking for a more professional look across the group – let us help. We can help you develop a storyboard for all your club merchandise current and future! A storyboard is a series of images (in this case designs of club apparel) that are placed on the page together to show a story with common themes and colours. By showing new designs in this way it can be extremely helpful for the committee to:

  • - Visualise and make quick decisions
  • - Allows you to show sponsors potential items and gain sign off where required
  • - Gives you an opportunity to showcase merchandise to the membership group to gauge interest (and potentially take pre-sales!) helping to ensure your apparel is desirable
  • - Get ideas for future revenue streams
  • - Get consistent and professional looking garments

This is an option we give to new and existing clubs and encourage them to go through the process before they make their next purchase. Whilst putting this all together is a little more work upfront it will result in garments that are well-received and compliant with sponsors and club colours. Members will also feel like they have been consulted throughout the process and more likely to buy.

Often this results in members of the club putting their hand up to be involved and not only assist with the design process but also help with the administration and sales of the garments taking the role of the shoulders of the regular committee.

Ask us today for your storyboard – and if you ask nicely we might even do it for free!