Small Business - What gear is right for you?

At Cheeta we produce uniforms for a number of small businesses across various industries such as IT, construction and retail. We understand small business owners are time poor (we are small business owners ourselves!) and we know what questions you are going to ask. I bet you are reading this thinking “what are the minimum orders?” “How much am I going to have to pay?” “Are there hidden extras?”

If that’s all you want to know then our minimum order is 10 per garment, our pricing depends on the quantity as the more you order the lower the cost per garment, and there are no hidden extras as our prices include design and setup with the only extra being local post.

But if you want us to learn more about your business we are here to help via email, on the phone or in person. We want to help alleviate any concerns and offer advice tailored to the business. We will ask you series of quick questions to get an understanding of the business and then make recommendations based on this. We then work on a budget and instead of you having to look through all the catalogues we go away and make some suggestions and put some artwork mock ups for you. No need to waste your time on design tools!


We ask:

1. What is most important to you – cost, brand exposure or professionalism? What logos would you like included?

2. What you need the garments for? Are you working inside or outside? Do you need a separate set of garments for quoting than to working? Do you need hi-vis or regular colour schemes?

3. What sort of look do you like? Sporty? Professional? Do you like print or embroidery?

4. How many staff do you have and want to brand in your clothing?

5. What items are a must have and what are nice to have?

Whether you choose Cheeta Teamwear, or another supplier make sure you think about all of the above. Make sure your garments fit into the brand you are trying to portray, and make sure your staff are comfortable and proud of what they are wearing. If you are not sure, ask them!