Top 5 tips for Tradies in Covid

Speaking with some of our building and construction clients, especially at the domestic level, there still seems to be a lot of uncertainty around the post Covid-19 future. 

The worrying thing is that once the first phase of projects that were already committed to or were underway dry up then will business dry up. People are less comfortable having tradesmen in their house, and budgets are tighter due to higher unemployment and an overall worry in the economy but that doesn’t mean tradesmen/women need to conceive that they are going to be slow or out of work.

Let’s look on the bright side, for the smaller jobs people are more aware of imperfections in their home that they will want to fix and for larger jobs it is the belief of many that infrastructure and construction are a way to reboot the economy and there will be many incentives for new projects. The question then is how do you win these projects and stand out from the competition. 

Cheeta lists our 5 tips for winning and retaining business during these Covid times.

  1. Get policies in place and have the conversation - Get on the front foot when speaking with clients. It is inevitable in these times that Corona Virus will come up in conversation so use it to your advantage to tell them how you are protecting clients, staff and the worksite.
  2. Be safe and get sorted - Cheeta can help to provide our clients with face masks and sanitizer so that your staff and customers are safe and feel comfortable with you continuing to work.
  3. Look professional to help you seal the deal – It is competitive times and business is scarce so put yourself in the box position to stand out. Do you think you are more likely to win a job if you are wearing a ripped Reece Plumbing shirt or a new slick uniform branded with your company’s logo? Look like you are serious!
  4. Support local and small businesses – Especially in these times small gestures don’t go unnoticed, we are strong believers of paying it forward. If you can spend at your local business where in return they hopefully send a recommendation or reference for you down the track.
  5. Look good and feel good. Be safe feel safe - We may be biased but we also feel that new uniforms and offering these extra safety measures can be great for staff morale and mental health. These are tough times and if staff can feel valued, and safe at work and wear their uniform with pride then it can only be a positive.

Have a tradie in your network that would benefit from this information? Forward this link to them!