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Narre South Saints Football Netball Club

I must admit I was very narrow minded when it came to apparel. Most clubs choose polos, preseason singlets and maybe a hoodie. But what about the pre-game warm up top for players? Or your spectating members who would love a warm puffer jacket while at the game? Last but not least, the coaching staff standing in the rain on the sidelines? A polo and hoodie won’t cut it! With the advice of Cheeta, we now offer jackets, puffers and even club beanies, all which have been extremely popular. Having members in great looking apparel makes us a stronger club, we look professional and our supporters wear the colours with pride.

While Cheeta are experts on apparel and designs, they are also very forward thinking with the use of technology. One of the biggest financial (and stressful) outlays for a club is the purchase of apparel. When purchasing clothing, a club would order varying sizes of polo’s, hoodies, singlets etc. and then receive an invoice for thousands of dollars, only to start selling items once the season started. We were one of these clubs that would have stock laying around all year and actually lost money. Worse still, we had sizes of clothing sitting around unsold, hoping that someone would need it. So how does a club fix this problem?
Cheeta Teamwear have solved this issue with the launch of an online store for your club. Some clubs do have an online shop, but it is based on what stock they offer but may not be a true reflection of what is available.

With the help of their great team, we ran an online store during preseason that allowed members to shop apparel, select their size and pay with their credit card; with the profit coming back to the club. Players even had the option of customising apparel with names and numbers which really increased interest.

Once we closed the store, apparel went into production and members receive exactly what they ordered, no more stock sitting around and the club saw a profit from sales, not a huge invoice! This method of apparel sales is the future for clubs and Cheeta are the team to choose!
We cannot speak highly enough of Jon, Michael, Elle and the team at Cheeta Team Wear. Give them a call and have them help you with all things apparel! 

Wayne Delaland- President Narre South Saints FNC 


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