Why are pom pom beanies a must for all clubs?

Of course, pushing beanie sales is going to be a win for Cheeta Teamwear. But I wouldn’t push a product unless I was proud to sell it and thought it was a winner – and Pom Poms beanies are a product we are shouting from the rafters about. We love them and our customers love them and are the biggest seller for winter clubs this year, as well as a huge hit for businesses who work outdoors or want a give away for clients.

1. Big profit margin – not only are these cheap (hit us up for a personalised quote) but clubs are selling to their members and at least doubling their money. But them behind the bar or canteen and they will sell themselves (especially on a cold Sunday morning!)

2.Unisex – no need for different sizes for men and women. Our one size fits all adult sizing (we do offer a kids size as well) means you aren’t going to be left with extreme sizes that don’t fit anyone


3.Custom branding – Our beanies are branded to your club (or business). Custom colours, custom weave, custom text, custom embroidery.

4.In fashion so they will sell well – look on the streets, on the fashion websites, etc the 90’s style Pom Pom beanie is back

5.Stand out from the opposition – being able to customise for your club means you will stand out from the opposition. Get your players and supporters branded from head to toe!

6.Keep your supporters warm – let’s not forget the main reason these beanies are so popular - they are super warm.