Is collecting your club's team apparel order a disaster? Read this!

Skip the hassle of using paper forms to collect sizes, quantities and colours required, instead use Google Forms!
A simple and user-friendly system to create your order form for your club members when ordering apparel, putting together registration forms, or club surveys. 

Having an easy and automated way to keep track of orders can greatly reduce the hassle involved in getting your team or club outfitted with custom apparel.

Once you put together your order form, and send it off, your responses will start rolling in. From here you can create an easy to use spreadsheet that will allow you to tally up the quantities and keep track of everyone's order! 

Click Here for a Simple How to Guide on creating your order form

Click Here for an example of how a club order form looks like

Cheeta Teamwear is more than happy to put together a customised order form for your club, just ask us!