The secret of the beanie for winter sports clubs is undoubtedly the versatility. They can be worn before and after trainings and games, during training on those extra cold nights, by spectators and players alike and are an easily recognisable piece of club merchandise

At Cheeta we understand how hard it is for clubs to raise funds, a merchandise isn't always the golden egg it is promised to be!

We help you with designs, advertising, and ordering to ensure your merchandise makes you money. With no hidden set up fees you know exactly how much you need to charge members upfront.

One such fundraiser we have created and trialed to great success during initial lockdown, and is now being rolled out to more clubs to help recover from the financial impacts of Covid is our ‘Club Beanie Initiative Online Fundraiser’.


Beanies are an item that resonates with both the playing and supporter demographics. By using our online store technology the club can collect orders directly from your players and members. Critically, your club would not have to put any money up.

“We didn’t want to just ask for donations to keep the club alive and we didn’t have the time or expertise to create a store ourselves. Cheeta allowed us quickly offer high-margin products. We raised over $2,000 in less than a week with no work from our volunteers"

Features and benefits of our Online Fundraiser include.

  • No financial burden or risk on the club
  • Full marketing and design support – free of charge
  • No excess or wasted stock
  • Build team and community camaraderie with custom branded items

Offering all types of custom merchandise the club pom-pom beanies have been our most popular fundraiser item.

How it works:

1. We create a unique beanie design for your club (subject to your approval) Click here to view our beanie catalogue 

2. We set up your online portal⠀

3. You send out a link to your membership base to purchase

4.We start production and send the club a cheque for their profit once all orders have been collated⠀

5. Whilst the beanies are in production, we can put together marketing materials for your social media and other publication

6. Beanies will be sent directly to the club!



Enquire below for your free beanie design and fundraiser online store.