Catalogue vs Complete Custom Apparel

At Cheeta we have two options when it comes to your apparel - ‘catalogue or ‘complete custom’:

1. Catalogue is where we choose one of the wholesaler’s catalogue items and decorate with your club logo (embroidery or print). This is most popular with small orders and time sensitivities with a minimum order (MOQ) of generally 10 per item and a turn around time of ~2 weeks

2. Completely custom is made in one of our factories in China and this is where we design the garments from scratch, you can choosefabric/colour/pattern/etc and can include a lot of customization. MOQ is also 10 but production time is generally 4-5 weeks

The catalogue is perfect for basics, workwear, and to match existing garments (especially those in common colours). We have wholesale agreements with all the major catalogue providers in Australia and hence with a quick look at the tag we should be able to match any existing items. But if you are looking for something a little more unique or that isn’t in a colour you can get ‘off-the-shelf’, the complete custom may be the offering for you.

Complete custom is especially popular for sublimation items, large cut-and-sew orders and any unique items. We offer a large choice of fabrics, colour and designs which provides great flexibility in creating something you and your club/business will love and tailored to your needs. We often have clients coming to us with a picture they found off the internet, or a sketch they have put together themselves and we are able to turn this dream into a reality. We have designers who are experts in apparel who will also assist through the design and pattern process. Combined with our tried and tested standardised size charts you won’t have to worry about abnormal sizing.

The most common concern is generally price and we are often asked ‘which is cheaper catalogue or custom’? Unfortunately, it depends on the item and there is no hard and fast rule to this. If price is the customers biggest sensitivity we encourage them to make this clear so that we can provide the most appropriate solution. This is especially important when choosing a catalogue provider as there is a large variance between each supplier.

Cheeta prides itself on providing great value and service to our clients and are transparent as possible with our offerings. We make things as simple as possible for the client pricing ricing generally including all design and setup fees with the only extra being delivery.

Whether you are after something from the catalogue or completely unique Cheeta will be able to provide you an option to suit your budget.

*Headwear and promotional items do not necessarily fit into the above set of rules