Fresh Fundraising Ideas for Clubs to Try in 2024

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Fresh Fundraising Ideas for Clubs to Try in 2024


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Community Engagement
Eco-Friendly Initiatives
Health and Fitness Challenges
Education and Youth Engagement
Empowering Communities with Sporting Club Fundraising

Club fundraiser ideas

Get the latest fundraising ideas for clubs in 2024 to help you raise more money, bring people together, and support your club's goals.

As we enter 2024, it's time to revitalise your sports club's fundraising efforts with creativity and community spirit. We understand that raising funds is not just about meeting financial goals; it's about bringing people together and supporting club goals by creating unforgettable experiences for each and every club member.  

In this blog, we present fresh fundraising ideas that promise to bring people together to celebrate your club. 

From fundraising events that boost youth engagement to eco-friendly initiatives, our ideas are designed to increase your fundraising efforts and make more money for your club or cause. 

Community Engagement

Community fundraiser goals

Fundraising events that involve the community offer an exciting opportunity to strengthen bonds. Community engagement lies at the heart of successful fundraising! 

Here's a list of impactful ideas that will raise funds for your club and put your club name right in the heart of your local community:

Local Business Collaborations

Joining forces with local businesses is a great way to raise funds for your club and get to know and help other small businesses within your local area. 

This could mean:

  • Hosting a charity night at a local restaurant
  • Collaborating with local gyms for fitness challenges
  • Teaming up with local breweries for a charity tasting event. 

Offer local businesses sponsorship opportunities by printing their logo on your club uniforms and merchandise like custom beanies. It's a win-win opportunity for everyone. 

Arts and Crafts Market

Who doesn't love a local arts and crafts market? Host an artisan market where locals can showcase their talent and creativity. Artists in the community can sell their handmade crafts, artwork and culinary creations. 

A portion of the proceeds can go towards your fundraising goals. 

This supports both your club and the creative efforts of local residents. Think of it as an exciting opportunity to discover and appreciate the talent that resides in your community. Maybe thanks to you, the next Picasso or Betty Crocker will be discovered!?

 Community Picnic

The key to most people's hearts is through their stomachs! Host a picnic in a local park or on your own club field. Invite all players and club members, as well as the local community.

  • Participants can bring their favourite plates to share
  • You can organise a raffle
  • Sell baked goods

A simple entry fee can also contribute to your fundraising efforts. 

The key to successful community engagement is to create events that resonate with the values and interests of local residents. 

Eco-Friendly Initiatives  

Eco friendly fundraiser ideas

Being environmentally conscious in 2024 is not just a choice - it's a responsibility. 

Your sports club can be a leader in promoting eco-friendly practices while raising funds at the same time. We believe that the commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with successful fundraising. 

Adopting these practices strengthens your club's reputation as a responsible community leader. It opens up new avenues for financial support from eco-conscious sponsors and donors. 

Here are some eco-friendly fundraising initiatives that can help your club raise funds and have a positive impact on our planet at the same time:

Recycling Drive and Swap Meet

Organise a recycling drive where community members can drop off recyclable materials (cardboard boxes, metals, old and/or broken furniture). 

You can make this recycling event a fun day out for all club members by turning it into a swap meet! Swap meets allow participants to exchange items like clothing, books, or electronics in a fun market-style setting. Funds can be raised through entry fees and contributions for exchanged items.

Zero Waste Picnic and Concert

Host a zero-waste outdoor picnic and concert. You can collaborate with local musicians or see if any club members (players and parents alike) would love to participate in an open mic show. Or karaoke depending on the talent going round. 

Promote sustainable practices throughout the event by:

  • Using reusable utensils
  • Investing in compostable plates and cups
  • Providing water stations for refilling bottles
  • Arrange for waste sorting bins

Charge a small entrance fee to raise the funds.

Remember to promote sun-smart initiatives if your event is outdoors. Provide plenty of water and sunscreen, and as an added bonus or incentive, you can organise something like promotional bucket hats for every four tickets purchased in one sale. It's a great way to up ticket sales!

Community Clean-Up Challenge

Organise a clean-up event where club members collaborate to spruce up local parks, streets and beaches. This contributes to a cleaner environment and shows local residents that your club takes pride in its community and the planet. 

You could also take this clean-up challenge a step further by making it a “going greener” challenge. Participants get to clean up local parks and participate in other green initiatives such as:

  • Tree planting
  • Community garden creations
  • Upcycling workshops
  • E-waste recycling drives
  • Beach and forest restorations
  • Bike-to-school or work challenges

By incorporating eco-friendly initiatives into your fundraising events, your sports club can make a meaningful contribution to the environment while inspiring others to adopt sustainable practices.

Health and Fitness Challenges

health and fitness fundraisers

Promote a healthier, more active community by integrating health and fitness challenges into your sports club and local fundraising events. 

In 2024, we're all about having fun while breaking a sweat for a good cause, and we encourage you to join us! 

Here are a few healthy fundraising activity ideas that will promote fitness and help achieve your club's fundraising goals:


In a step-a-thon challenge, participants track their daily steps using fitness trackers and mobile apps. You can organise this event over a week or a month, with participants registering in advance and sponsors pledging funds based on the total number of steps achieved or individual results. Every step contributes toward your fundraising target, making it a fun and engaging way to raise funds. 

Plus, a little healthy competition amongst peers can be great for the fundraising bank. 

Yoga in the Park

Host a yoga session in your club rooms or on your club's field. Invite community members to participate in a yoga session for a donation. Encourage local yoga instructors to lead the session and collaborate with local wellness businesses for sponsorships. Think beauty salons, skin care clinics, physiotherapy and chiropractic clinics, gyms and health food shops. 

Give sponsors various options to participate, such as donating relevant products or services, having their logo printed on club hoodies or billboards around the field, or even having a small sales or educational stall at the event for a small donation. 

Healthy Recipe Bake-Off

If you watch a lot of B-grade Christmas movies, you'll know that a classic bake sale always saves the town. Organise a healthy recipe cook-off or bake-off where participants showcase their cooking skills by preparing healthy dishes or baked goods. 

Charge a small entrance fee for participants and attendees and ask local restaurant chefs to be on the judging panel. 

These health and fitness challenges encourage community and club members to prioritise their well-being while supporting your sports club's financial goals. If you're looking for more health and fitness challenges to raise funds for your sports club, consider virtual fitness challenges, obstacle fun runs, cycling marathons, family fitness days, fitness bingo and fun runs, to name a few. 

    Education and Youth Engagement

    fundraisers for youth education

    Empowering the next generation through education is a noble cause. One we like to think sports clubs can have a leading role in. Education doesn't have to stop at the school gates but can be carried over to the club rooms and field, where kids often feel more at ease outside of the place where grades can drastically change their life's course. 

    Here are a few fundraising activities you can organise with younger club members to support education and growth within the younger generation:

    Literary Read-A-Thon

    Choose a list of books about the sport you teach, health and well-being, a biography, and something fun and set reading goals for participants. You can also encourage participants to select books of their own choosing. 

    Seek sponsors for every book read or hour spent reading, and the funds raised can contribute to your club's fundraiser goals, as well as educational resources for local schools or literacy programs. 

    Youth Career Exhibition

    Organise educational workshops on various subjects to help promote education in a fun way to kids. Collaborate with local experts like carpenters, lawyers, successful sports professionals, chefs, nurses, the ADFA, police recruitment, teachers, marine scientists and more to assist with your exhibition. 

    Charge a small fee for participation and attendance, and set the exhibition up like you would an art workshop or tradeshow. 

    Evening Activity Series

    This is one of our favourite fundraising ideas. Organise engaging and educational evening activities once a month. Attendees come together to participate in an event that promotes a theme for the month. It could be anything from teamwork to creative expression. 

    These evening activities are designed to include parents, which promotes a sense of community and involvement. 

    Here are some activity ideas:

    • Wholesome bonfire activities (Singing, roasting marshmallows, throwing written wishes into the fire)
    • Orienteering
    • Capture the flag
    • Ambush
    • World Flags (Hide world flags around a park, each flag bears three questions, split kids into groups of 5, give them a list of flags they need to find, and they must return with the correct answers to gain points and win) 

    As many of these activities are team-based, consider organising team polos in advance. These can be used at every monthly event as well as for inter-club training events! Evening activity sessions are a great fundraising idea for raising money in a fun and interactive way where everybody gets to play a part!

    By contributing to educational growth, these fun and interactive activities aim to positively impact the community, club members, and the youth of today. You can raise money whilst raising awareness of the importance of education.

    Empowering Communities with Sporting Club Fundraising

    sporting club fundraising

    Club fundraising ideas can cause a ripple effect of positive change in and around your community. By implementing engaging fundraising activities like those mentioned in this blog, sports clubs can improve community engagement, develop business relationships, gain positive exposure, and raise funds for their club. 

    Plus, you and involved club members get to enjoy creating something worthwhile and memorable for the club. As an empowering sports club at the heart of your local community, you get to drive initiatives that promote health, education and sustainability. Tell me that's not something worth being a part of?

    Are you looking for merchandise for your fundraising event? Check out our blog on Promoting and Fundraising for Your School with Customisable Merchandise, or get in touch with our friendly team to have a chat about your fundraising options with Cheeta Teamwear. 


    Michael Davis

    Michael has over 10 years' experience on various grassroots sports and council committees. As co-founder of Cheeta Teamwear, he understands what it takes to start and grow a small business.
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