What is The Difference Between Our Hoodie Styles and What Type of Hoodie is Best For You?

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What is The Difference Between Our Hoodie Styles and What Type of Hoodie is Best For You?

Cheeta Teamwear produces three core hoodie styles: custom sublimated, cut and sew, and catalogue decorated. 

Want more information on each of our hoodies? Keep reading below to learn more about our hoodies, including lead times, materials and pricing.

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Custom Sublimated Hoodies
Cut and Sew Hoodies
Catalogue Hoodies
What Custom Hoodie Style Suits You Best

Custom Sublimated Hoodies

sublimated hoodies australia

  • Custom sublimated hoodies are made-to-order hoodies that use sublimation. Sublimation allows you to have control over almost every aspect of the hoodie.  
  • This hoodie style is best if you want to incorporate lots of colours or design elements or even personalised names.  
  • These hoodies are made from what is considered a more 'sporty fabric' with a warm microfleece inner lining. 
  • Lead time is ~6-8 weeks from the date of ordering.  

As a general guideline, for custom sublimated hoodies you are looking at roughly $60+GST each. 

Personalised names and unlimited logos can be included at no additional charge. 

Cut and Sew Hoodies  

cut and sew hoodies custom made

  • Cut and sew hoodies are made-to-order but use a different method to our custom sublimated hoodies.  
  • This style of hoodie is made of a more traditional fleece fabric, with logos embroidered onto them rather than designs being embedded into the fabric.  
  • These hoodies are best if you are after a more traditional look and feel but have a more 'out of the box' colour or pattern that you would like to incorporate in your design.  
  • These hoodies use stock colours, so we have a range for you to select from. We, unfortunately, cannot custom-dye any additional colours.  
  • Lead time on cut-and-sew hoodies is ~6-8 weeks from the ordering date.  

As a general guideline to pricing, you are looking at roughly $60+GST per hoodie. One standard left-hand chest embroidery is included, any additional logos are subject to additional charges.

Catalogue Hoodies

team and event hoodies ready made

  • We select a style from a local wholesale supplier in Australia for these hoodies and decorate it with your design via embroidery, screen print or direct-to-film transfers.  
  • Colours and styles are guided by what is available from the wholesale suppliers.  
  • Catalogue hoodie lead time is ~3-4 weeks from the ordering date.  

Pricing for catalogue hoodies is determined by the product style chosen, design, decoration method and quantity ordered. Let us know these details and we can help provide you a bespoke quote! 

Click the links below to view the hoodies available from our preferred suppliers!

What Custom Hoodie Style Suits You Best?

Still trying to figure out what the best hoodie option for you is? Don't stress! Check out our hoodie catalogue or contact our friendly team today, and we will help determine which option fits your needs and requirements best.

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