A Helpful Guide To Ordering Your Custom Tracksuits

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A Helpful Guide To Ordering Your Custom Tracksuits

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What Will The Tracksuits Be Used For Within The Club?
What Type Of Fit Are You Looking For?
Any Fabric Preferences?
Do You Need Any Particular Features?
How Do We Pick Sizing For Members?
What Is The Process Once The Above Questions Are Discussed?
Further Questions

Winter is fast approaching, and if your club is currently in discussions regarding custom team tracksuits, below can be a helpful guide to bring to a committee meeting and get the conversation flowing!

Here at Cheeta, our tracksuits are fully customisable using sublimation printing to allow for full creativity and to capture highly detailed logos.

When choosing the type of custom tracksuit for your club, you may like to consider the following:

1. What will the tracksuits be used for within the club?

custom team tracksuits for your sports club

Depending on your needs, we can customise the fabric and lining to suit your club preference and environment. For example, if you are a gymnastics club, the tracksuits should be used for competition warm-ups so that your members are comfortable and warm before and after a routine. Or you're a volleyball club looking for tracksuits to wear to and from your games in Canberra; you will need some extra warmth inside them for those freezing winter nights.

2. What type of fit are you looking for?

We have various types of fits and styles in our tracksuits. For jackets, you can choose from our training fit jacket or travel jacket. 

Training fit jacket

Our training fit jacket are our most popular type of jacket and are typically suited to Gymnastics and Dance clubs. The training fit jacket are a looser fit than our travel jackets, more traditional in appearance and lightweight and wind resistant. These are typically worn for warm-ups and training. 

Travel Jacket

As the name suggests, the travel jacket is perfect for travel to and from games and is used for sport presentation nights. The travel jacket is a more fitted style with a premium look and feel. There is also the consideration of the fit of the pants and whether you are looking for more of a wider leg look finish or a more tapered skinny look. We can discuss these options and provide tracksuit samples so that you can confidently choose the right options for your club members.

3. Any fabric preferences?

Have you had tracksuits made by a previous supplier and are looking for a similar fabric to these? Or perhaps you're an outdoor club and need waterproof jackets. Cheeta Teamwear can help source a similar material or recommend a fabric best suited to your needs.

4. Do you need any particular features?

This could be like opting for a concealed hood within the jacket or adding ankle zips to the pants so that your members can easily remove their track pants whilst they still have their shoes on. 

If there is a particular feature that you are seeking, feel free to let us know, and we'll see if our team can achieve this for you.

5. How do we pick sizing for members?

Cheeta Teamwear is here every step of the way to help throughout the entire process. With sizing, we send out sizing charts and guidelines for the best way to pick your sizing. To use the size charts, take a similar garment that fits you well and lay it down on a flat surface, avoiding creases as much as possible. Measure it as the picture shows on the size chart, following all position instructions as shown on the chart. To measure the Chest area, please ensure the tape measure sits 2.5cm below the armhole. We recommend sizing down in the tracksuit pants for a better fit. However, always check sizing charts for reference.

6. What is the process once the above questions are discussed?

team tracksuit ordering process australia

Once the club discusses the above questions, the next step is to decide on design options. Our tracksuit catalogue is an excellent start to selecting designs, in which we can swap out the colours for your club colours and place your team logos on there. You can find the tracksuit catalogue here

We will need your team colours and logos sent in high-quality format (EPS, AI or PDF preferred) so that your logos come out nice and clear when printed. If you don't have the logos in these file formats and only have them in JPEG, for example, that is no trouble at all – as we can help to convert the logos to a higher quality format at a small logo conversion fee. We also send you a copy of these high-quality logos for you to have on your files for any future branding, signage and uniforms.

7. Further questions?

order sports tracksuits australia

If there are any other queries you need to be answered, or you need help figuring out where to start, feel free to email us at sales@cheetateamwear.com.au, and one of our friendly staff members will respond within one business day.

Elle Russo

Elle has over 15 years’ experience in the apparel industry, mainly focusing on custom teamwear. With an advanced diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology, she understands the technical elements of garments including manufacture, pattern-making, fabrics and design.
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