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Batting For Change

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What Was Batting For Change?

The story of Batting for Change is a story of passion. It’s the story of Ryan Carters, former international cricketer, and his vision to do more than just captain his country on the pitch. What began as an inspiration for a cricket fundraiser rapidly grew into a charity movement for social change. Batting For Change continues its efforts as a fundraising committee of Learning for a Better World (LBW) Trust.

A Brief Background To Ryan Carters

Ryan Carters is an Australian former cricketer who represented New South Wales in the Australian domestic cricket competition and the Sydney Sixers in the Big Bash League. At 26 years old, Carters announced his retirement from playing. His focus is still on the sport, with Batting For Change, a cricket fundraiser for disadvantaged students. The former Wests-UC star had Sheffield Shield and domestic one-day titles to his name, but he knew it was time to walk away and make a difference elsewhere. With his continued efforts through The LBW trust, he’s raising money for students in cricket-playing nations.

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Source: The LBW Trust Facebook Page 

Why Was Batting For Change Started?

Cricket has been good to Ryan Carters. Now, he’s wanting to share his opportunities through the Batting For Change charity. While on a journey of introspection through the Mongolian wilderness, Carters questioned how he can make the biggest impact in other people’s lives. Carters had aspirations bigger than himself, wanting to explore challenges that make tangible change for communities across the globe. He found that answer through education, believing it’s the key to unlocking a lifetime of opportunities for others. Carters explained his reasoning for the cricket fundraiser, stating “I've always believed that education is the best way to do that, because education is a gift that lasts a lifetime. It enables people to make their own choices in life - about where they find employment and how they raise their family - with an educated mind."

Source: LBW Trust Website 

How Much Did Batting For Change Raise?

Batting For Change has raised more than $1 million since its inception in 2012. In 2021, the organisation gave about $657,000 towards student education and related expenses. Over 1,000 students are supported annually through the partnership between The LBW Trust and Batting For Change. One of the biggest fundraising events is the Corporate Cricket Challenge.

How Did The Corporate Cricket Challenge Work?

The 2021 Batting for Change Corporate Cricket Challenge took place at St. Joseph's College Hunters Hill. Eight corporate teams took part to raise funds supporting The LBW Trust's partners, providing tertiary and vocational opportunities across communities in India, South Africa, Tanzania, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka & Afghanistan.

Source: LBW Trust Website 

How Do I Get Involved?

By donating to the LBW Trust, you can make a difference to the lives of students across the globe from the comfort of your own home. If you want to be more active, contact the LBW trust via email to learn how you can volunteer. If you’re a larger enterprise, learn how your corporation can get involved through giving platforms or corporate matching programs.  You can organise fundraisers with promotional merchandise like custom beaniesbucket hats and basketball uniforms. You can also bequeath a donation in your will. Donations to The LBW Trust of more than $2 may be tax deductible in Australia.

What Is The LBW Trust?

The Learning for a Better World (The LBW Trust) believes that all students deserve an education, an opportunity to develop their potential, and to create their own future. The LBW Trust holds cricket fundraising campaigns and events to support students in places like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, among others. Carters comments on the partnership with The LBW Trust and Batting For Change, saying “One of the things that makes cricket such a wonderful game is that it’s played by people in so many parts of the world that have completely different backgrounds in life.” It’s the perfect alliance for the cricket lover and philanthropist. It highlights the power of education, as one LBW Trust Scholarship alumni says, “A kite without a string is meaningless. A door without a latch is useless. A lock without a key is pointless. In the same way, a child without knowledge has no substance. Giving for education is the highest donation.”

Visit The LBW Trust for more information.

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