Can The Colour Of Your Team Uniform Impact Your Success?

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Can The Colour Of Your Team Uniform Impact Your Success?

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The Link Between A Team’s Colours And Their Success Rate
The Psychology And Meaning Behind Different Colours
How To Use Uniform Colours Effectively
Final Thoughts


While there is some scientific evidence to show that cheering extra loud for your team won’t help them win any games, other evidence may exhibit successful results in sporting games when teams wear certain colours.

Save your cheering voice and start donning winning colours instead!

Colours tend to be associated with different meanings. Colour and psychological functioning have been studied and, in some cases, proven for years.

Did you know that uniform colours have been associated with winning and losing in combat sports and other athletic competitions? Your business or team colours might be affecting your success or lack thereof.

Keep reading below to find out which winning colours to use in your team’s next uniform design to achieve triumphant results in your sporting career!

The Link Between A Team’s Colours And Their Success Rate



In 2020, Taylor & Francis Online released an article about ground-breaking evidence linking the impact of uniform colour and performance in sports. According to their critical review and present findings (2020), which included 33 studies on athletic competitions, specific colours and the match outcome, there are insurmountable psychological functioning effects in colour theory!

Can you guess which colour “makes people go faster”?

It’s no surprise that red in uniform colours showcases a dominant influence in sports! Science Daily presented a piece about a study in which research showed that when people see or wear red, their reactions become faster and even more forceful!

Have you ever heard anyone say red cars go faster? Now you know why!

Black uniforms have also been tied with aggressive behaviours in the wearer and the team. This finding is based on self-perception and even social perception in high stake environments. If your team is wearing the colour black, you might find that other teams are slightly wary of your club and its players! This includes the umpires and referees too! Check the stats - if your team has a red uniform or black uniform, are you getting higher penalty counts?

We’re not entirely sure just how accurate the science is, but according to scientists Dr Russell Hill and Dr Barton, who closely studied a range of sports in the 2004 Olympics, “wearing red is consistently associated with a higher probability of winning”.

So, is your team wearing red uniforms, or is it time for an upgrade in your uniform design and colour? Cheeta Teamwear can help you to determine the match outcome of your next sporting event with tailored uniforms made for you, your club, and matching merchandise for your supporters!


The Psychology And Meaning Behind Different Colours

Source: Munsell Color

While uniform colours such as red and black have a “harder, better, faster, stronger” vibe, there are plenty of other colours to incorporate in your uniform colours to specifically distinguish your team from others.

Let’s take a look at the science behind colour in context theory so the crew at Cheeta Teamwear can help you with your next uniform colour!

Blue In Uniform Colours 

The colour blue has a calming effect on players and the audience. Blue represents truthfulness, honesty, and sincerity. The colour red might boast athleticism, but sometimes it’s the team that remains calm in the heat of the game that wins the race!

Green In Uniform Colours 

Green is a cheerful colour that represents growth, renewal, and health. A team wearing green might have better chances of winning if they are the embodiment of health. Don’t you want a healthy team?

Purple In Uniform Colours

According to colour meanings, purple isn’t the best colour to represent your team in sports! The colour purple is closely associated with sensitivity, melancholy, and, strangely enough, magic. 

Here’s what we think, though: where science says magic is unrealistic, doesn’t believing in magic give your team hope that winning is possible? Sometimes the mere act of hoping for something enough gives you enough courage to go out and get it. That includes winning!

Yellow In Uniform Colours 

Bring some vitamin D and energy to your team by adding vibrant and happy yellow to your uniform colour. Yellow evokes sunshine and warmth. Sunshine gives our bodies Vitamin D, which boosts our immune system and supports strong and healthy bones, muscles, and nerves! 

Adding some sunshine yellow to your team colours might just give your team a winning mindset to help smash those games! Most Australian cricket teams wear yellow, and guess who one of the top teams in the world is? Australia!

Orange In Uniform Colours 

Orange is the colour of a beautiful sunset or a bright and encouraging sunrise. Orange is linked with endurance and radiance and is closely related to red, giving the colour orange a little bit of fire too. If you want your team to feel strong, wise and full of endurance, add orange to your uniform colours, and your team might just be first in line every time.

Pink In Uniform Colours 

There has been a lot of controversy around the colour pink in sports. In fact, a soccer team in the UK painted the “away” team’s locker rooms pink to “lower the opposing team’s testosterone” and help the home team win their games. It’s not the first time this tactic has been used, and it probably won’t be the last. 

While the colour pink in team uniforms might be seen as feminine, hypo-active, and sympathetic, the  Penrith Panthers in the NRL have only lost one game this season, which happened while they were wearing their black jersey. The team proudly wears their pink jersey, and they haven’t lost a game in pink this season!

So what message do you want to send your audience at your next big sporting event!?


How To Use Uniform Colours Effectively

Using uniform colours effectively depends on the effect you want them to have!

For example, if you want to stand out and show off your team’s colours on social media, bright colours on uniforms and popular merchandise items like bucket hats, will stop people from scrolling in their tracks!

If, however, you want to encourage certain aspects of the match outcome, you might consider your uniform colour based on psychological functioning.

Cheeta Teamwear has been in the game for a decade, and we know a thing or two about how to use uniform colours effectively to strengthen your team and how others view your squad! We provide a dedicated account manager for all orders, free custom designs by our graphic designer, guidance on colours and branding methods, and more.

We believe in showing your success and sportsmanship on the field as well as in off-field environments. 


Final Thoughts

Create your ultimate team uniform that matches your logo, brand, and message. Whether it’s to scare your opponents with menacing black colours or using the colour red to intimidate with agility and speed, Cheeta Teamwear has the designs and colours you need.

Are you thinking of a complete revamp of your team’s uniform? Check out our range of catalogues and get in touch with Cheeta today to discuss your winning team colours! 


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