Cheeta Teamwear Online Stores – How Do They Work And How Can They Benefit Your Club?

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Cheeta Teamwear Online Stores – How Do They Work And How Can They Benefit Your Club?

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The Benefits Of An Online Store With Cheeta Teamwear
Key Points On Cheeta Teamwear’s Online Stores
What Does Cheeta Teamwear Need To Set Up Your Online Store?

Do you need to organise club uniforms and merchandise ordering but hate the struggle of paper forms or spreadsheets that never quite get it right? Look no further than Cheeta Teamwear’s free online store offering.

Cheeta’s online stores are an excellent platform to understand what your members wish to purchase and are the perfect way to avoid having to spend lots of money upfront when you try and guesstimate what members want.

The ideal function of the online store is to launch it for a set period of buying time, where members can make their purchases. Usually, clubs choose to run the stores for approximately two weeks. At the end of this buying period, the store is closed, and the club can make any additional purchases to meet minimums and hold stock on hand as required. 

Manufacturing only starts once the store is closed and club orders have been added.

The Benefits Of An Online Store With Cheeta Teamwear

 The Benefits Of An Online Store With Cheeta Teamwear

1) Less administrative stress

The online stores run themselves – once we’ve set it up, the orders flow through without you needing to do any of the hard work. Once the stores close, the order spreadsheets are already filled out!

2) No more manual data entry from paper ordering forms, or creating spreadsheets from online form submissions

How long have you spent collating orders in the past? Probably many more hours than you would like to admit. You won’t need to do any of that with Cheeta’s online stores. All data, including personalised names and numbers, are pre-populated. All you need to do is check for misspellings!

3) No need to constantly get to the bank with cash payments or settle bank transfers against order forms.

Save yourself the hassle of taking cash, having change with you, depositing at the bank – all of that is a thing of the past with Cheeta’s online stores. All payments are matched to the orders, and held in a holding account, ready to send profit back to the club or use as funding for club-held additional orders!

4) No more dead club stock that you can’t move

It's better for the club's wallet and the environment!

5) Allows members to get the right size

If you haven’t guesstimated sizes correctly, you can end up in some sticky situations with limited stock in predominant sizes. Leaving people wearing uniforms that are much too big or far too small - which is never ideal.

6) Clubs don’t have to pay any cash upfront!

Our favourite benefit for clubs, and one that is welcomed by all clubs, is that no money needs to be put down upfront! Members purchase using their own cards, the club only pays for any additional club-held stock.

Key Points On Cheeta Teamwear’s Online Stores

 Key Points On Cheeta Teamwear’s Online Stores

  • There is no cost to set up an online store for your club. We will build and offer tech support and reporting at no charge.
  • Members buy their stock individually and can add customisations to their products such as names and numbers based on your design.
  • The money is placed into a holding account when the funds are paid. We leave all the money from the store in this account until the store purchasing period is closed. Once the store is closed, we raise an invoice for the items purchased. There will either be a profit for the store to be paid to the club, or there may be additional money owed by the club (e.g. if the club uses the store profit to buy additional items).
  • The only charge associated directly with the online store is a credit card surcharge, which is approximately 2% depending on the cards that are used for purchasing.

What Does Cheeta Teamwear Need To Set Up Your Online Store?

 Set Up Your Online Store

  • We need a clear understanding of the products you want to sell (including finalised designs)
  • The selling price for your members - Clubs usually charge members between $2 and $10 more per item than our cost price to cover the credit card fees and fundraise for their club.
  • How long you want to run the store - Keep in mind production won't start until after the store has closed.

If you want to see a live demo store with a range of functionality, follow the link here.

Would you like to set up an online store for your club merchandise ordering? Get in touch with us at Cheeta today – send us a form submission, give us a call on 03 7017 1972 to discuss or send us an email at sales@cheetateamwear.com.au.

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