How To Promote & Fundraise For Your School With Customisable Merchandise

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How To Promote & Fundraise For Your School With Customisable Merchandise

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Beanies And Scarves To Build School Spirit
School-Branded Socks
Customisable Lunch Bags
Pens At School Events
Include Customised Merchandise At Your Next School Fundraiser


Using customisable school merchandise is one of the best ways to promote and fundraise for your school.

School-branded merchandise engages students, creates a sense of belonging in the school community and encourages an emotional connection among students. It also allows you to promote your school further and generate some advertising.

Looking for fundraising ideas to raise funds for your school? The products shared below will help you do just that! Read on to learn how to raise awareness and money for your school today.


School-Branded Merchandise Options To Promote & Fundraise For Your School

1. Beanies And Scarves To Build School Spirit

Cheeta Teamwear's best-selling custom beanies and scarves are a great choice. You can keep the kids warm and promote your school at the same time.

People's faces are often the first things we notice, and a beanie on their heads is hard to miss! We sell wholesale beanies to clubs, businesses, and schools from $11+GST, and they are on-selling for around $20-30, making these a very profitable fundraising idea! Minimum orders start at just 50 units.


2. School-Branded Socks

If your school doesn't already have school-branded socks – you're missing out! With a super simple 5-step process to create, you can have plenty on hand for new students to purchase. Most students will even buy more than one pair, so you will be raising funds in no time.

Cheeta Teamwear offers a wide variety of sock colours and styles perfect for any school. They sell wholesale from $9.50+GST, and schools typically on-sell them for $15+. Minimum orders start at just 50 pairs.

3. Drink Bottles For The School's Sports Team

Hydration is so important coming into Summer - and even throughout the whole school year! Keep your students and staff hydrated with school-branded drink bottles.

They come in metal or plastic, and there are plenty of different styles, sizes, and colours to choose from. Minimum orders typically start at 50 units.

4. Customisable Lunch Bags

Want to take your school-branded merchandise to the next level? Create uniformity, oneness, and school spirit with a customised school lunch bag.

Cheeta Teamwear has a range of customisable insulated lunch box options that are perfect for maintaining optimal food temperatures. We can even place a name section in the decoration free of charge so they can be easily identified and labelled. Minimum orders typically start at 25 or 50 units.


5. Pens At School Events

The classic promotional item is the handy pen. Pens are the promo item that everyone can use! You can give them out to new and prospective students or use them in the school office, school library or at school fundraising events.

With plenty of options available at different price points, there is a pen out there for everyone. Minimum orders typically start at 250 units.

Include Customised Merchandise At Your Next School Fundraiser

Whether you want to include school-branded merchandise at your next fundraising event or throughout the school year as part of your standard school supplies, Cheeta Teamwear can help. It will boost your school's fundraising and is a great way to engage students and the wider school community.

Need to make the ordering process easy for your students and their family members?

Cheeta Teamwear can create a FREE online store for all your fundraising efforts, allowing you to sell your school merchandise online hassle and stress-free! Please enquire with us to find out more.

Want to promote and fundraise for your school? We'd love to discuss how we can best assist you! Get in touch with us at Cheeta Teamwear today by sending through a form submission here or give us a call on 03 7017 1972.

Tayla Huckel

Tayla has over 15 years’ experience in sport as a gymnast, coach and judge, alongside a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. By working in the major events industry within customer service and stadium operation departments, she understands what it takes to co-ordinate and run a successful sporting or business event.