Keep Girls In Sport With Smart Uniform Choices

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Keep Girls In Sport With Smart Uniform Choices

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Important Considerations
Final Thoughts 


Uniform is a crucial deciding factor for girls’ participation in sport. It is one of the most common barriers to physical activity engagement identified by pre-teen and teenage girls.

You can boost and retain female team membership by having uniforms that make girls feel comfortable and confident. There are a few simple steps to ensuring that your uniform choices for female athletes help them chase their sporting dreams. 

Important Considerations

When creating a new uniform for your female club members, ensure that:

Clothing fits them well and is made specifically for the type of activity they’ll be engaging in.

women wearing custom netball uniforms

Female sizing charts and cuts that are more flattering for girls are used rather than unisex sizing. These design choices make girls feel more confident and like valued members of the club.

Here at Cheeta Teamwear, almost all items can be made in 3 separate sizing charts: junior, women’s and men’s.

women wearing netball uniforms


The uniform bottoms are a dark colour.

Any skirts, shorts or pants need to be dark-coloured to ensure consistent participation and avoid discomfort for girls playing sport during their time of the month.

women in matching uniforms

Uniforms are made from appropriate materials. Fabrics should be breathable and won’t show sweat marks or hold odours.

Options must not make girls feel over-exposed. Young girls do not want to wear ill-fitting uniforms that make them feel self-conscious.

Have options for girls to pick and choose what they would be most comfortable wearing. For example, this could include shorts, leggings, and pants.

A few simple changes in your uniform design can significantly change the experience that your female members have. A well-designed uniform may even be the difference between retaining and losing members.

women in uniforms


Final Thoughts

Do you like the idea of using female sizing charts but think it may be difficult for the club to manage? Perhaps you could consider the women’s team having a different sponsor from the men’s team.

A local club we have dealt with uses different sponsors for the men’s and women’s teams. This strategy is not to create division but to quickly identify which sizing chart you’re looking at when sorting out the kits.

Alternatively, you could look to collect orders through an online platform which helps people choose their size. This option also allows for easy order sorting when the gear arrives to you. Here at Cheeta Teamwear, we can offer custom online stores for your club ordering and even individual packing of orders to save you time!

If you have any questions on how you can boost female participation through smart uniform choices for female athletes, feel free to contact us.

Tayla Huckel

Tayla has over 15 years’ experience in sport as a gymnast, coach and judge, alongside a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. By working in the major events industry within customer service and stadium operation departments, she understands what it takes to co-ordinate and run a successful sporting or business event.
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