Revamp Your Marketing Strategy With These Top 5 Promotional Products In 2023

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Revamp Your Marketing Strategy With These Top 5 Promotional Products In 2023

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Beanies And Bucket Hats
Eco-Friendly Products
Quality Classics
Revolutionising Your Promotional Products Game

Stop right now. Stop giving away USB drives and pens. Just stop.

Promotional products should be about making a memorable impression. These products just don't cut it anymore. They don't add any value, the branding is tiny, and they just don't make a lasting impression. When was the last time you saw someone show off their USB stick?

We understand that marketing teams have a budget to stick to, and let's be honest, the promotion space could be more revolutionising, but we have some ideas that might help.

Firstly, you want something timely – so goodbye fidget spinners – but you also want something that will be used and is easy to make. Promotion is about getting your brand seen, so we are looking for products that are either used a lot or have logos that are nice and big for maximum exposure.

We are not guaranteeing that any promotional item will appeal to 100% of the crowd, but from experience, we know that the following will appeal to the majority. These products will actually make their way out of the showbag/expo goodies tote! They get a lot more exposure and use than the average promotional product and won't end up straight in the bin.

1. Socks


Whether it be business socks with an all-over pattern, crew length sports socks (these are a crowd favourite with sports clubs and gyms), or something specific to an industry (e.g., extra thick socks for tradies!), socks are one of those items we need and use every day. In our experience, people are willing and open to introducing a new pair to their rotation if you design a great sock. Not only do you get repeat use, but custom socks are now worn as a fashion statement, even in business! Our custom socks have become a great giveaway product, especially for competitions and events – check out our event merch here

    2. Umbrellas

    Winter is just about here, and if where you are is anything like Melbourne, it is already starting to look cold and gloomy. That's why next on our list is custom umbrellas. Hoodies and jackets are great, but managing sizes is also challenging. Why not go with a classic umbrella? Pay for the premium; it will stay by the door at the office, in the golf bag, or used when commuting.

    The other significant aspect of umbrellas is the logos are generally quite large, and they are often used in high-traffic areas (think local-level sports games or city commutes).

    3. Beanies In Winter And Bucket Hats In Summer 

    Beanies In Winter And Bucket Hats In Summer

    Our biggest seller here at Cheeta Teamwear! We know Australians are passionate about their footy – whether it's rugby, NRL, Aussie rules, or the world game football – pom pom style beanies are the style to go with. Keep yourself warm while also keeping stylish. Learn more about our custom beanies offering here.  

    And bucket hats are the equivalent for the summertime! Check out our full range of bucket hats, including a reversible option where you can choose from two designs on each side. We all know people find it hard to make decisions, especially on designs, so why not have both? Check out our full bucket hat range here. 

    Another advantage of using headwear for your promotional items is that they are one size fits most, so you won't have to manage or distribute different sizes!

      4. Eco Products – Recycled, Bamboo And Wooden!

      Eco Products – Recycled, Bamboo And Wooden!

      Let's admit it; we know that many promotional giveaway items often end up in landfill. Whilst we are trying to cut out wastage at the source by running a made-to-order business model, we understand that many promotional items are made in bulk, so why not be more environmentally conscious and consider eco products? As much as everyone loves a freebie, there are better options than bulk plastic for the environment.  

      We have the keep cups trend for reusable, but this has also expanded into cutlery and storage products. Recycled notebooks and drink bottles are also a great way to reduce waste at events. We also love tote bags, but make sure you put some effort into the design so that people want to use these time and time again. Here at Cheeta Teamwear, our designers can help you find the balance between aesthetics and branding so they don't end up in that waste pile as soon as they're brought home!  

      When it comes to the raw materials used for bespoke promotional products, there has been a significant shift away from plastic and into bamboo and wood as more sustainable options. In the apparel space, there are also now recycled polyester options, and if cotton is your preference, make sure you ask that it is sustainability certified!  

      So, when choosing your next promotional product, consider the environment – it's not greenwashing, it is simply doing the right thing. We know these products are much easier to source than they once were and will be well received by your audience.

      5. Leveraging brands with the quality of classics

      Leveraging brands with the quality of classics

      This one is a bit of a spin on our 'top 5 products' as it's technically not a product! Another way to ensure that your promotional items are actually used is the power of quality items. If people perceive something to be of higher quality, they are more likely to continue using it.  

      We have wholesale agreements with various big brands that we can co-brand with your logo. What do we mean by this? Instead of using a blank item with no brand logo, which we place only your logo on, we can leverage the power of the 'brand-name' such as Flexfit for hats, Nike for your golf polos, or even someone like Bisley or RSEA for your tradie customers.  

      The other advantage of leveraging brands with your giveaways is the perceived value. Customers will think they are getting something worth a lot of money when in fact, you have gotten a bulk wholesale discount! You could heighten this perceived value by also offering giveaways as a retail offering (either online or onsite). Attaching an RRP to the product instantly creates this value within a potential customer.

      Revolutionising Your Promotional Products Game 


      We hope the above helps you plan your next promotional product ideas with branding, budgeting, quality and the environment in mind. In summary, don't just go with the rinse and repeat every year when it comes to your promotional products; we highly recommend you try new and exciting ideas.  

      We know that marketing departments have a budget to spend, but before you go full steam ahead on your next order, put some thought into the following questions:  

      • What will my customers actually use in their daily life? Is this product desirable, and does it add value to customers' everyday lives?  
      • How can we ensure that the item is used now and in the future?  
      • How do we balance branding with usability? 
      • What have we done in the past that worked well? 

      At Cheeta Teamwear, we strongly believe there is still tremendous value and awareness to be had with custom promotional products for events, small businesses, and corporates. We would love the opportunity to develop some ideas and designs for you. Please reach out, and we can discuss your budget, needs and goals and work together to find the right fit for you! 

      Michael Davis

      Michael has over 10 years' experience on various grassroots sports and council committees. As co-founder of Cheeta Teamwear, he understands what it takes to start and grow a small business.
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