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How We Gathered Our Data
Top Work Social Event Ideas for 2023
The Importance of Work Social Events
Understanding Different Types Of Work Social Events
Case Study Review: The Success Of Google’s Googlegeist Global Summit


Planning work social events can be challenging. But it's a challenge that offers an excellent opportunity for building a positive work environment.

A well-organised social event can be an incentive to boost communication skills, encourage networking, build trust among colleagues, and even nurture leadership skills within your workforce. 

In this blog, we are excited to present a curated list of unique and engaging work social event ideas for 2023!

So, if you're all about boosting team spirit and making work feel like a happy place, you'll love what we have in store for you! These social events are what you need to create a positive impact on your workforce that'll last a long time!

How We Gathered Our Data

confidential work poll

To ensure a well-rounded perspective, we decided to gather work social event ideas from everyday people - our team members, their families, friends and even friends of friends! We conducted a private poll on our social media networks to determine the top activities employees and team members appreciate the most. 

We value the insights from real people and believe that their preferences will inspire and empower professionals in creating exceptional social events for work. 

Throughout the data-collection process, we prioritised the anonymity of all participants, including our own staff. We ensured their contributions remained confidential unless given permission to share their insights. By taking this approach, we have built a solid foundation of knowledge grounded in the preferences of everyday people and real-world success stories. 

One of our team members got so excited to discuss her ideas for future team-building activities that we currently have a work social event in the works for Spring! Based on the poll results, a scavenger hunt might be in store for the Cheeta Team! 

Curious about the results? In no particular order, we present the top social event ideas for the workplace in 2023 below. 

Top Work Social Event Ideas for 2023

Check out our curated list of top work social event ideas that are sure to spark enthusiasm and create lasting memories for your team. From exciting competitive challenges to heartwarming charity events, these innovative concepts will elevate your company's social calendar!

Board Game Tournament: A Battle of Wits and Fun

work board game tournament

Get the competitive spirit flowing with a board game tournament. Encourage teams to strategise and showcase their problem-solving abilities in board games like Scrabble, Settlers of Catan, or Cluedo. This event stimulates healthy competition and provides an excellent opportunity for team bonding.

"My favourite game to play with friends is called The Chameleon. Players have to try and figure out the identity of the chameleon in the group with social deduction. No one knows who the chameleon is except the chameleon themselves. I think this would be a great game to bring to a game tournament at the office. We'd learn a lot about each other's poker faces!" - Lachie Cartwright, Cheeta Teamwear Warehouse Assistant.

Scavenger Hunt: Unravel Clues and Strengthen Bonds

Scavenger hunt for team building

Organise an exhilarating scavenger hunt around your office space or a nearby area. Split employees into small groups and provide them with clues and challenges to solve. To add a touch of team spirit and comradeship, equip each team with printed t-shirts featuring their team names or logos. The race against time will cultivate teamwork and creativity. The shared experience of uncovering hidden gems will strengthen team bonds.

As teams work together to decipher clues and complete scavenger hunt tasks, they'll develop a deeper appreciation for each other's strengths and skills. This will promote a sense of unity and cooperation throughout the adventure.

Themed Party: Let Your Creativity Run Wild

themed work party

Host a themed party encouraging employees to dress up and immerse themselves in a fantastical world. Whether it's a retro '80s party, a tropical luau, or a masquerade ball, a themed party adds a touch of excitement to the dance floor and fun to your work social calendar.

Office Trivia Night: Test Knowledge and Build Companionship

work trivia night

Create an engaging office trivia night with questions about your company's history, industry, and pop culture. A trivia night is intellectually stimulating and nurtures open communication with team bonding. It also celebrates the collective knowledge of your employees.

Add some extra fun and laughter by including some lighthearted questions about the management team! Or ask everyone to privately share a baby photo of themselves for everyone else to guess who the baby is. This playful twist will bring smiles to everyone's faces and allow your team to get to know each other on a more personal level.

As teams compete to answer intriguing trivia questions, you can make the evening even more exciting by offering popular promotional products to the winning team. Branded items such as company beanies, water bottles, or socks make fantastic prizes and promote the business simultaneously!

Annual Awards Night: Recognising Excellence

annual staff awards night

Roll out the red carpet and host a glamorous awards night to acknowledge and celebrate outstanding achievements within your organisation. This event is the perfect platform to recognise employees for their hard work, innovative ideas, and exceptional contributions to the company's success. This type of event boosts morale and reinforces a culture of appreciation and recognition.

Add a dose of laughter to the evening by including a fun twist with awards like "Always Smiling," "Master of Puns and Dad Jokes," or "Coffee Connoisseur." These playful awards celebrate your team members' unique quirks and talents, encouraging a relaxed atmosphere.

Charity Events: Making a Positive Impact Together

work charity events - beach clean up

Organise a charity event or volunteer day offers a wealth of promotional opportunities for your team comes together to give back to the community. Whether it's a fundraising walk, a day at a local shelter, or a beach cleanup, charity events promote teamwork and create a sense of fulfilment among employees as they work towards a common goal.

Team Building Days: Unleash Creativity and Collaboration

team building day

Plan a dedicated team-building day filled with various activities! Team building events should encourage teamwork, problem-solving, and effective communication. From outdoor adventures like ropes courses to indoor workshops focusing on leadership skills, the options are endless!

Themed Team Social Ideas: A Twist on Classic Events

themed team social ideas

Put a unique spin on traditional team social ideas by incorporating exciting themes. For example, turn a standard office picnic into a summer siesta or transform a team lunch into a global food festival. Themed events add novelty and excitement to regular gatherings.

Try getting all the different teams involved in a themed competition at certain times of the year. You could get everyone involved in decorating their team's office space for Christmas, Valentine's Day, or Easter. The best-dressed office space (voted by employees) wins!

"We decided instead of just having "casual Friday" in the office, we'd try something different. We had "foodie Friday", and everyone brought a plate of food that represented their culture. It was cool to learn where everyone was from, and better yet, some of the food was so good a lot of people were swapping recipes. I'd never tried Indonesian food before, and now I'm obsessed" - Ruby Guppy, Cheeta Teamwear Warehouse. 

Escape Rooms: Collaboratively Solve Puzzles

escape room for work social event

In an escape room, a group of colleagues is locked in a themed room and must work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and unravel mysteries to "escape" within a set time limit. They are a fantastic idea for businesses looking to improve team bonds.

The team at Cheeta absolutely loved the escape room activity we organised. Here's what some of our team members had to say about this team building activity:

  • "It was the most fun I've had in a while and I really enjoyed getting to learn more about my fellow team members." -Cameron Gardner, Cheeta Teamwear Production & Project Manager
  • "It was exciting to work with group members I don't often get to work with and this is a team building activity I'd enjoy doing again." -Elli Kritos, Cheeta Teamwear Warehouse Assistant
  • "Thanks so much for organising the escape room activity. I never thought of it as a team building event but our group came together and used some pretty cool creative thinking to solve the clues!" -Elle Russo, Cheeta Teamwear Account Manager

Other Popular Corporate team Building Ideas

The list doesn't end there. There are so many other team building activities and social event ideas to choose from. Whether you want to invoke creative thinking, offer a fun environment, improve teamwork skills or promote team building, there are plenty of activities to choose from that offer so much fun for every team member.

Here's a few other work social event ideas the entire team will love.

  • Murder Mystery - The entire group has to figure out who the murderer is with a limited set of clues
  • Happy Hour - Encourage employees to stay back on a Friday afternoon to form healthy relationships with their colleagues.
  • Coffee and Cocktail Making Classes - A fun way to test team members beverage-making abilities
  • Sports Day - Playing sports or going to a sports game. The Cheeta Team recently went to the soccer for a company social event. It was a great night out and the team all said they'd love to do it again. We actually played ‘spot the Cheeta Teamwear beanie’ while we were there, looking out for beanies that we had made for different clubs, schools and businesses. Everyone was super pumped when we managed to find 6 different beanies! 
  • Laser Tag - For some friendly competition and rivalry.

Event Ideas Designed To Inspire Creativity And Team Building

These top work social event ideas are all about having fun, getting closer as a team, and making work a great place to be. From fun-filled competitions to heartwarming charity events, each team building exercise or activity helps bring your team together to make the work environment super positive!

Want to add a special touch to your work social event? Check out our event merchandise for unique and customisable items.

The Importance Of Work Social Events

Importance of team work

Work social events are not just gatherings where staff can "let their hair down". They hold a significant role in adopting a thriving work environment. These events are more than a source of fun and entertainment for the organisation! They are powerful tools that can strengthen teams and boost employee satisfaction.

Did you know work social events that contribute to strengthening team spirit also support increased profitability for an organisation? According to Forbes, highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability! So while it's a terrific way to have teammates getting along, it's great for business too.

Here's what happens when companies engage their employees:

  • Barriers dissolve
  • Communication thrives
  • Trust between team members grows

Employees discover shared interests, common goals, and mutual respect by actively participating in social events for work. #bestworkfriends

Moreover, work social events offer an opportunity to unwind and recharge. They help prevent burnout and stress, leading to better productivity and creativity among employees.

So, how do you make a social event fun? It's about thoughtful planning, supporting artistic expression, and putting employee satisfaction at the forefront. When work social events are designed with the employee's needs and interests in mind, they become powerful opportunities for building a united team. We've put these work social event ideas together to help you do just that!

Understanding Different Types of Work Social Events

types of work social events for staff

Team building events have different vibes, each aiming for specific goals and unique experiences at work. You can go for fun, creative, deep, meaningful, appreciative, or humorous. Remember, the tone you choose is important because it sets the mood.

Let's explore these different tones to match your organisation's goals with the right team building events.

Fun and Creative: Sparking Joy and Innovation

Fun team building activities let employees have fun and be creative. Themed costume parties, scavenger hunts around a local park, and playful team-building games spark excitement and spontaneity.

Building Trust and Team Bonding: Strengthening Cohesion

Outdoor team-building activities, communication and problem-solving workshops, or even charity initiatives help employees work together to overcome challenges and build trust. You can start at a local park near the office or meet somewhere entirely different to ensure employees don't feel as though they're at work!

Appreciation and Recognition: Boosting Employee Morale

These events are all about showing employees that their hard work is valued. Consider special award nights, appreciation ceremonies, or gatherings to recognise each person. By celebrating individual and team achievements, these events create a happier work environment.

Lighthearted Humor and Joyful Celebrations: Infusing Positivity

Adding humour and joy to work events makes them unforgettable. Try funny awards, playful activities, or trivia nights with fun questions about colleagues. Laughter, healthy competition and bonding make these events less stressful and strengthen relationships among employees.

Serious and Reflective: Fostering Growth and Professional Development

Some events focus more on professional growth. Education workshops and conferences about industry trends and leadership skills help employees develop professionally. These events show that the company cares about their development and can lead to increased job satisfaction.

Case Study Review - The Success Of Google's Googlegeist Global Summit

artistic view of how a global summit brings employees from around the world together




Googlegeist Global Summit


Google, one of the world's most renowned technology companies, places a strong emphasis on creating a positive and inclusive work culture. Google organises an annual event called "Googlegeist Global Summit." This event helps strengthen their workplace community and improve employee engagement.

Event Overview

The Googlegeist Global Summit is a three-day event that brings employees from all around the world together. They engage in various team-building activities, workshops, and inspiring talks. The event celebrates diversity, promotes open communication, and encourages a sense of belonging.

Key Objectives

1. Celebrating Diversity:

The summit showcases the diverse backgrounds and talents of Google's workforce. Employees from different countries and various roles come together to celebrate their unique perspectives and experiences. This fosters a culture of inclusivity and appreciation among employees from all over the world.

2. Strengthening Bonds:

Googlegeist aims to strengthen relationships among employees. The event allows them to build connections beyond their immediate teams. Employees forge lasting friendships and professional networks through team-building exercises and collaborative activities.

3. Professional Development:

The Googlegeist Global Summit is a fantastic event with exciting workshops and talks. It features thought leaders, industry experts, and Google's leaders to share their knowledge. In these sessions, employees learn how to grow personally and professionally and feel inspired to do their best in their jobs. It's an excellent opportunity to learn from the best!

4. Recognition and Appreciation:

As much as this event is about learning, it's also about celebrating success and outstanding achievements. With award ceremonies to recognise employees who have contributed to Google's success. Being appreciated like this makes employees feel proud and motivated to do their best work. 

5. Results and Impact:

Googlegeist Global Summit has consistently yielded positive results for the company. Employees are much happier and more engaged because they feel valued and connected to the company's mission. It's also made Google even more popular as an employer. They are maintaining their position as one of the most sought-after employers globally. Top talent from all over the world wants to work at Google because they know they can grow professionally and be part of a friendly and supportive work culture. It's a win-win for everyone! 


positive work culture

As HR professionals and office managers seek to create an exceptional company event, the key is to listen to the voices of employees. Draw inspiration from their interests and make the magic happen.

Always remember a successful company event is linked to having a happy work environment. When companies celebrate diversity, support teams, and offer chances for personal growth, they create a strong and connected workforce. Which, according to this Glassdoor Study, is exactly what 4 in 5 employees want from their employer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can companies incorporate diversity and inclusion in a company event?

Plan activities that embrace employees' unique backgrounds and perspectives. Encourage participation from different cultural backgrounds, creating an inclusive and harmonious environment.

How can work social events contribute to increased profitability for a company?

By making employees feel valued and connected, they become more motivated and productive. This positively impacts profitability and reduces staff turnover, advertising and training costs.

How can business professionals gather data to plan a successful team building event?

Be resourceful! Conduct polls on platforms like LinkedIn and reach out to companies with great staff reviews. Find real-world success stories to inspire your creativity and don’t forget to ask your own team members and employees what their top choices are. 

How do you make team building activities fun and engaging for employees?

Plan your events with pizzazz! Spice them up with team-building challenges, humour, and interactive games.

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